Works as Christian Kid Tablet for Children and also a powerful ordinary Android Tablet PC for Parents

New Dual OS
7" Android Tablet
Quad Core
"Play, Learn, Listen and Watch Bible Fun everyday."
It is an innovative solution that nurtures our next generation genuinaly based on Christianity teachings, through inspirational stories, funny games, music and interactive apps. A brand new biblical learning experience and draws them closer to Jesus.

Bible Apps Place

  • - Download Over 50 BEST Bible Apps & Games
  • - Customizing your own most favorite features & games table for your kid
Build-in fast & efficient 1.5 GHz Quad Core processor with 8Gb memory
The First
tablet designed for Christian families!

Drawing on the Pad and lets it Glow

Designed with accumulative coating layers which shine on the surface through a beam of light at the tip of the pen.
You will see magic glowing lights which affect every line or dot you draw on the pad.

Designed not only for children but also parents! Show your coolest drawing to your child and provide family happiness and sharing with drawing fun.

A very
unique drawing experience, letting you create glowing streaks simply with light!